How can I make an appointment with a writing instructor?

This page offers a quick list of websites and contact information for the various U. of T. writing centres—free teaching services staffed by professional writing instructors. You're eligible to work at the writing centre in the college or faculty where you're registered. Usually you need to make an appointment, but some writing centres have drop-in hours at busy seasons. Many writing centres also offer group workshops, and some have developed specific advisory material.

Use the contact information here to find out more about your college or faculty's writing centre. Note that most downtown writing centres now use a shared online booking system. To make an appointment with your writing centre, use the live link on your writing centre's webpage, or start from the common login page. You will need to get a UTORid before you can use the online booking system. (See online info.)

N.B. Be sure to make your appointments well ahead, especially in the busy seasons towards the end of term. Leave plenty of time to revise afterwards too

See also Working with a Writing Instructor.